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Our Story

About Us

Giant Security Ltd was incorporated in 2017, by a team of Security and Business experts who wanted to combine a passion for the security industry with their entrepreneurial drive. We know this industry can be better and want to share the Giant vision and dream with everyone. Diversity, fairness, inclusion, professionalism, and delivery at the heart of why Giant Security was conceived and how we operate today.


Giant Security Ltd’s mission is to offer effective security solutions by putting our client needs in the centre of everything we do through our core values. Protect the public and provide a safe and secure managed environment.


Our vision is to become the leading provider of security solutions through the delivery of the best possible service through our core values.

Our Core Values

Our core values focus on the key components that help in delivering our mission and vision.

Client focus
Every client wants to feel safe and secure and we can deliver this by working with our clients and offering the best possible personalized solutions.

Operational Efficiency
We will ensure our people understand our values and deliver an unfaltering service by having the highest standards of training solutions available to help deliver a service second to none.

We will ensure the delivery of the highest possible service to our clients, we will ensure that every aspect of the business has defined procedures and processes.

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Find us at:

Kemp House,
152 City Rd,
London EC1V 2NX,
United Kingdom

T: +44 20 8017 9880