Giant Security NEW Logo

Giant Security Ltd is proud to announce that the new logo has been designed and is being rolled out across all media avenues over the next 2 weeks. 

It took the team a few days to collate their thoughts, we asked them;

  1. What does Giant Security mean to you?
  2. What does Giant Security mean to our clients?
  3. What should the new logo portray to everyone?

The top 5 points from this survey were;

  • Honest & Trustworthy
  • Modern & forward thinking
  • Friendly yet professional
  • High quality service for clients and staff
  • Dependable and Reliable 

With these attributes in mind, we commissioned a designer to create a logo. This logo wasn’t just to be a logo, but a scale-able design so we can build the Giant brand around it.

A Shortlist of 4 designs selected and they were put to a focus group of 30 people….a resounding positive impression and vote went to the logo that stood head and shoulders above all other designs.

Giant Security Ltd is proud to present, the next generation of security firm in the UK;

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